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Please enter your basic information and detailed resume data. Once your profile is created, regardless of the audition outcome, your information will be added to the Global Auditions Elite database. If there are future international elite auditions, your data will be given priority consideration. Additionally, in the future, you will only need to log in to your account and click 'Apply' to complete the registration process! 請輸入您的基本資料以及詳細履歷資料,一旦建檔完成,無論徵選結果如何,您的資料就進入全球徵選精英的資料庫,未來若有其他國際精英徵選,我們將以您的資料為優先考量。且未來只需登入帳號點選報名即可完成!

  • Alphanumeric characters with no spaces (不含空白的英文或數字)

  • Strength Indicator
  • Photos should not exceed 1MB, or registration will fail! If the photo is too large, you can use the thumbnail website at 照片勿超過1mb,否則將會註冊失敗!照片太大可至縮圖網站 或是

  • 不建議使用YAHOO信箱,其容易收不到信,或是誤判為垃圾信件

  • 行動電話號碼不含符號 Please enter your mobile phone number without symbols. International applicants, please include the country code.

  • Your on-site identification during registration should match the registered name. 現場報到時的身份識別,請與報名姓名一致

  • Only for Musician 徵選樂師專用

  • Please provide details of all your relevant experiences and qualifications related to the audition.

  • Alternatively, you may upload your resume data. Note: Files must not exceed 2MB, or else registration will fail. 注意:檔案請勿超過2MB,否則將會註冊失敗

  • Please provide a video link that showcases your expertise. 請提供能夠展閒您專長的影片連結