Audition Q&A


Is there any locker in the audition room?

No, please carry valuables with you.

Can I take photos or videos?

NO, since you enter the audition room, you cannot take pictures, video and other infringements.

If I don’t enroll in the audition, can I observe on the spot?

No, for other applicants’ privacy, we don’t allow anyone into the audition room.

If I have taken part in the audition before, can I sign it up again?

Yes, it is an international audition for free and you can enhance your international dance audition experience. Therefore, we welcome all applicants who joined it before to take the challenge again.

How long will it take for an audition sessions?

Each session will take 30 minutes to an hour. Applicants who pass the Preliminary Round can take part in the Second Round. To avoid having no time to join the Second Round, please reserve 3 to 4 hours.

Is there other date for the audition?

No, we have to coordinate with the Disney director and teachers’ schedule in Taiwan. If you can’t attend on the audition date, please wait for the next audition.

How can I know if I pass the audition?

You can know the Second Round result at the same day. However, we need to send the Second Round video to the US headquarter.

How can I get into the Final Round?

After passing the Second Round, the audition group will send your pictures, resume and Second Round videos to the US headquarter for the Final Round.

How can I know if I pass the Final Round?

After the US headquarter determines for the Final Round, we will notice the applicants individually within a year. Also, we won’t have prior notice for the applicants who don’t pass the audition.

Is this audition a Global Disney audition?

No, this is a Hong Kong or Shanghai Disney audition. But if you pass the audition, whether you get to work in Hong Kong or Shanghai Disney or not, we will provide your personal information to Global Disney. If Disney in other country needs dancer or musician, we will contact you. Global Disney audition webpage is:

How long will the audition-passed qualification remain valid?

A year. All Disney staffs will re-audition every year to make sure they sustain their ability. Therefore, if you pass the Second Round selection, it means you will be invited to work by Disney. If it is over a year, we welcome you to sign in audition again.

If I passed the audition, but I am still at school, what can I do?

To us, each performer’s training is very important. In order to avoid disputing, we don’t recommend you to apply for early graduation. We advised that finishing studies is the top priority. We will hold the audition very soon. If you have passed the Final Audition, and you really want to be part of full-time Disney performers, you can drop out for a year. Therefore, if you regret, you can still go back to school.

What is the employee welfare or working conditions after I get into Disneyland?

Sorry, we only accept the job of auditioning dancers and musician. Apart from the question of audition sessions, please inquire the Cast Member, or visit Disney audition experience website:

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What is the audition process?

  1. Check in and fill out the Resume.
  2. Teacher teaches the first dance and then we do the Preliminary Round selection.
  3. Applicants who past the Preliminary Round selection should wait one to two hours for the Second Round.
  4. Teacher teaches the second dance and then we do the Second Round selection.
  5. Dancers who pass the Second Round take video of dancing.
  6. Dancers who pass the Second Round take video of personal information file.
  7. Wait for notification. If you pass the US headquarter Final Round within a year, we will notice you to work in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Also, we won’t have prior notice for the applicants who don’t pass the audition.

What should I wear when I go to the dance audition?

  • Please wear casual clothes that can allow a full range of movement.
  • About the shoes, we advise you to change into dance shoes or the similar shoes.
  • Because the floor is dance floor, please don’t wear shoes simply to avoid slipping.

Do I need to prepare the selection dance movement?

You don’t need to do that. Our dancing teacher will teach you a suit of dance movement. Therefore, you don’t need to prepare the selection especially.

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If you have other questions, please visit Disney audition experience website:
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